Jan. 24th, 2011

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Since the new year, I've been noticing people around the internets pick one word for the year to live with, focus on, work with, work through, or interact with in some way.  This has really struck me for some reason. The multitudes of words thrills me with all the possibilities, wonder, mayhem ... what word would sync with my heart and resonate for me? I couldn't seem to settle on a word that suited me. I wasn't going to just pick one randomly & force it. I felt a bit at loose ends not being able to pick a word. It was as though I'd forgotten someone's name & had that nagging feeling of almost remembering, but not quite.

I was reading something, somewhere, just yesterday, and the idea of picking one word to live with for a year came up again. So today, I paid attention to the universe. I felt a shift. I think my word might just be 'love.' Already I'm spinning with the different layers - give love, accept love (the hardest thing for me to do), spread love, be love, love myself, love others, love love love radiating inwards & outwards ...

Already the power of this project is taking me over. I might be in love. Maybe I will fall in love with everything again.

Oh, and I set up another Valentinr for this year so y'all can send me some of your love if you feel so inclined! :)

My Valentinr - cheriemurray
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