Feb. 17th, 2011

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I think I was spazzy on Twitter last night. I couldn't reach anyone local. The upshot is that the mister has been in a car accident. He was slowing down for a red light, but before he got to the intersection & fully stopped, the light turned green. Some guy came barrelling out of a parking lot, trying to beat his light. That guy ended up running a red & wham. Head on collision. This other guy is getting charged. I haven't really looked at the accident report, but the cop was talking to Mike & luckily there is a witness who saw the whole thing. Both accounts of what happened by the mister & the witness were identical. Our car is totaled. Awesome.

I don't know if the other guy was injured, but the mister had a gash on his forehead that needed stitches. The gash went down to the bone apparently. That was the only thing that grossed me out. His right kneecap is broken, so he's going into surgery today. I have no idea what time of course, it just depends on when the orthopedic surgeon is available. It's only one break, so the kneecap is in 2 pieces. It sounds like the mister is going to be part bionic with screws or metal whatnots in there. He never lost consciousness & was cracking jokes while we were in the hallway waiting for a room. The nurse that was updating his records was asking me if he had extra coverage for a semi or private room. Um, really lady? I have no idea. It's not exactly something that is forefront in my mind. The doctor seems to think that the mister will be up & around in a few days.

I got home around 2 am, & didn't get to bed until 3 am because I needed to eat something & calm down. That made it a 21 hour day for me. I'm still exhausted & about to head back to bed.


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