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Apr. 3rd, 2011 08:26 pm
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I long for colour, for sun to warm my skin, feel the layers of wool fall away from my shoulders & allow my body to be loose & free.
(I took this photo with my phone & added effects to it. The remaining photos I found on the internets.)

I like the brief glimpse into other people's homes, just to see how they live. It's a split second, & I'm past their open windows.
I wonder at how so many people can live in such close proximity, & not really know their neighbours. Possibly not even know their names, or the stories that they carry in their hearts.

I dream of far away shores. At dawn. Maybe I was a mermaid.

Neon lights up the night, chills the heart.
The shape of the star calls to me.

Every time I see a statue of the Virgin Mary, I remember a story my grade 9 English teacher, Mr. Way, told us one day in class. It had nothing to do with anything we were supposed to be learning. He was the most far out & inspiring teacher I ever had. I'm pretty sure he was a former hippie. Naturally, he only lasted a year at my high school which was a small town & rather conservative.

In his younger days, a group of his friends had been partying a little too hard one night, they were all quite high. They were walking past a church on their way elsewhere, when one friend saw a statue of the Virgin Mary, & ran up to it. Mr. Way & his friends told him to leave it alone, that it wasn't cool to be disrespectful. I think this guy wanted to push it over, or some other stupid & pointlessly destructive act.
The group of friends kept walking on when this guy came sprinting back into the group, completely shaken. He said that the statue came alive & told him that he really didn't want to hurt her & that how he was living wasn't really making him happy.
Most of the group were of the opinion that this guy was just too high & was hallucinating. Mr. Way wasn't so sure it was a hallucination, but he left it up to us to decide for ourselves. This was the first time that an adult in a position of authority showed a personal side to themself, & then talked to us like we were people.

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