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I mentioned on my Twitter that I received a particularly random email on my Facebook on Friday. It's from an old high school friend that I haven't seen since ... 1992. I'm still boggling at it, at the insensitivity displayed within it. Here is it reproduced. Names redacted.

Subject: i was just wondering...
you work in a lawyer's office, right?

You know how on all the true crime shows, they show lawyer's offices with tons of hard-cover books, all with matching spines. They can't be encyclopedias, but what are they? In this paperless society, do they still keep these books, or can the lawyers get that info online now, or from a flash drive? Or do they just keep the old books to fill the shelves with something?

oh yah, and how are you doing? I hope all is well with you, and I will think of you a little extra special on Father's day this year.
Take care!

I really took this email ... badly. The last two sentences seem tacked on, thoughtlessly, and rather carelessly. There is too much twinkle in the whole thing for me to take the sentiment at the end seriously. Also, my life very clearly does not resemble a tv show in any way. I don't think tv shows actually resemble reality much. (don't get me started on reality tv.) I remember connecting with her on FB, and sending her an email to her regular email. She didn't like that & told me I could only email her via FB. ??? Something about it being hard to get emails on Hotmail or some such crap. Yeah, just add my email to the approved list or whatever it's called and you won't miss my emails in the future. Also, I'm feeling excessively hormonal right now too, which is not helping.
I guess it's another element of being forced to realize that I've grown and changed and gone down very different paths from this person.


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