Mar. 9th, 2011 08:34 am
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I woke up about 5:40 am, slightly confused & bewildered. It took me at least 5 minutes to realize that the mister wasn't in bed with me anymore. I had piled on a lot of blankets on my side of the bed, & with the electric blanket on, I don't get cold without his body heat melting me. It turns out he needed some Advil, & was afraid to come back to bed afterwards. I got a little insane about the sleep interruption thing that's been happening every.single.night since the mister came back from the hospital. The mister decided the best thing to do was to sleep the rest of the night on the couch. Yay! He's using his noggin!! By 7:30 am, I'd spent over an hour cleaning - dishes & litter box & puddles of cat pee.

The cat is driving me insane. She keeps peeing on the floor, instead of in her litter box. Little jerk. I even bought her a new litter box! But, I don't think she likes it. Perhaps having the mister home everyday is upsetting her sense of routine & order. She's old too, almost 17, so, it's not a surprise that any kind of change throws her off. Or, she's simply being a teenager & giving me attitude. I just moved her food & water (which sits on a cutting board we bought just for this purpose), over to the other side of the kitchen near one of the other spots she likes to pee in. I cleaned this area with Nature's Miracle to get her smell out. Not sure if it's working, since she keeps going back to these areas. I think I need to strip the floor with TSP or a flamethrower & put down a new floor. Either peel & stick tiles or sheet vinyl, but something. I can't ever get the kitchen/hall floor properly clean since the surface has already been partly stripped with overly harsh floor cleaners. Not looking forward to moving everything in the kitchen & hall closets, but obviously, it will have to be done.


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