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I'm so glad that it is Thursday, since that is the day that comes before Friday which comes before Saturday! Yay weekend. The mister was getting on my nerves a bit last night. He was excited about his results from the fracture clinic & was bouncing around the apartment. He'd also had a lot of coffee too, which added more bounce to the bouncing. He'll be off for another 6 weeks. Physio starts soon, he has to call to set up an appointment. But he's healing. Yes!

So, I went into the bedroom to get away from the mister & finished reading The Dhammapada last night. I haven't read the commentary to the text yet, but I'm waffling on if it is even necessary. I want the text in my head, not the commentary. I've been trying to finish it for years, and now just seemed like the time. I took The Tibetan Book of the Dead off the bookshelf again about two weeks ago, but, it feels too raw of a time for me to start dipping into it. I dip in, and then back off. I'm tired of doing that with all my books. It's a thing.

So far 2011 has been an incredibly hard & emotional year. The peaks between high & low are so far apart, they can hardly be seen from either vantage point. I am grateful for all that I have. I do feel incredibly lucky since I am loved, have shelter & food to put into my belly whenever I want. But my heart hurts, & I am tired of feeling like the rug keeps getting pulled out from under me every time I get up again.
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