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Hello. You've found me. Perhaps you've stumbled in here randomly, or perhaps not. It's nice that you here. Welcome.

I'm sticky posting this post at the front of my journal as a post-in-progress. I will add to it as the fit strikes me. It may give you some insight on what kind of person I am, but mostly, it will probably be confusing if you chance upon it.

I do hope you will put your feet up, have a cup of tea & stay a while. Yes, please put your feet on the furniture. I'm not fancy.

Aspirations. To Do List. Stuff. Not to be Forgotten. Possibly inspired by music, the dullness of waking at 4 am, the burn of cinnamon on the back of my throat, or Momentary Fragments.

1. Travel the world.
2. Live an authentic life. Authentic being on my own terms & with my own morality guiding me. Morality isn't all that important anyway. I'm not talking about white picket fences & decimal point kids.
3. Live in a yurt/treehouse/strawbale house.
4. Live in a dwelling that I design, build or create in some way. Edited: that is ecofriendly, recycled, repurposed.
5. Make art. (paint, jewellery, something). Edited: that touches someone deeply.
6. Make time. Slow down. Also known in some circles as 'being present.'
7. Live near the sea, ocean, or similar huge body of water.
8. Dance at midnight on the streets/rooftops/meadows/beach. Edited: with people I love & that love me. There would be rampant silliness involved.
9. Go camping.
10. Sit around a campfire. Possibly with instruments. Possibly with companionable silence.
11. Remain utterly vulnerable.
12. Laugh often.
13. Create a circle of friends that become family that are supportive & love me.
14. Be a devoted and loyal friend.
15. Be a generous and attentive lover.
16. Stay curious.
17. Breathe freely.
18. Spend one whole night driving.
19. Remain in an embrace without wanting to break free early, or at all
20. Open myself up to accepting love.
21. Trust that people are kind at heart
22. Believe in something.
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January 2015


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