Feb. 22nd, 2011


Feb. 22nd, 2011 07:51 pm
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I went back to work today since the mister is able to crutch around the apartment quite well. I was totally flustered & overwhelmed because it was so busy. I didn't look at my email for a few minutes & when I got to it, the new stuff that had come in was mind boggling. It stressed me out, but I got through it. Then, I had to pee at the end of the day, which then made me have to actually run for the bus. Luckily the law clerk that lives in my 'hood was waiting for the bus & she hesitated getting on until I got there. She was waving me on to hurry, it was hilarious. Man that would have sucked to have to wait for the next one.

Dinner made, eaten, about to clean up. I HATE the clean up part.

Mike's work sent him a huge gift basket & cookies.

The note his coworkers enclosed said, "We were going to get a fruit basket and then we remembered you don't eat much fruit, so we thought we would personalize it for you and put something together that we know you like to eat."

The cookies are from Carol, the receptionist/second mother figure. When I started dating Mike, I had to meet her just like she was a parent. NERVE WRACKING!

It's FULL of candy & Pepsi. The mister has been bugging me to get him MOAR PEPSI, and I'm like NO! it's dehydrating & you need to hydrate! Now it's about getting MOAR CIGARETTES. I'm I'm like NO! I bought you some on Sunday! They should last you for a week! (Really, I'm thinking like forever, since I'm allergic to cigarette smoke.)

And now, allons y to the kitchen to wash all the dishes.


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