Feb. 4th, 2011

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here's my Valentinr thingy. Please to send me a Valentine? It can be anonymous if you are shy.

I was going to write a proper entry, but I am exhausted & do have the capacity to brain. I feel like I need some peace & quiet, hence, the library icon.

I did have an awesome phone conversation today at work, which made me LOL. (I don't know if you read my blog T, but I love you bb. I will take it easy on you. Aww. You should come over for an afternoon of movie watching.)

Other than that, je suis TIRED. I had to get up last night at 1:50 am to down a glass of water, some Advil & a slice of pizza. I woke up feeling great! I did have strange dreams though that left me feeling restless & fought with the blankets & Mike's snoring for what seemed like a long time. But no hangover this morning! Excellent. I am in love with the movie Drop Dead Fred! I shall have to get my own copy now. Some of my Facebook/Twitter posts may possibly have been a bit silly last night. Tee hee.

Hence, the brain drain. I'm hunkering down to watch Supernatural tonight. Kind of excited. Still a bit o.O at receiving one of the puzzle pieces. I hope everyone receives one! I was feeling sad & left out hearing about it, but I'm a bit stressed about the whole thing now. Thanks Misha. I love you too, I guess. I mean, thank you sir for this glorious opportunity of brutal competition & stuff. Yes. That is what I meant.


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