Jan. 27th, 2011

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This has felt like the longest week ever. I am dead tired. Most of that is due to my back being all yucky & needing to be cracked. I keep getting headaches too. :( I caved in today & made an eye appointment for Saturday. I have a feeling I need a new prescription for my reading glasses. Awesome. If so, I am going to find some cute nerd girl glasses. Why? Because I can. Also, it's been at least 4 years, and possibly 6 since I last got glasses. Hmm. That seems like a long time. Crap. So, yes, awesome. Also, our co-op student finished up in the office on Tuesday & I am sad he's not there every day. :(

Mike had an appointment with his new new cardiologist tonight. No, I didn't type new one too many times. His GP sent him to a cardiologist in the fall who diagnosed him with an aneurysm on his aorta. We both panicked & freaked out & were scared & upset & OMG. Coupled with his faulty heart valve, the headspace we were in was a big pile of crap. I knew Mike wasn't dealing well because he stopped talking about it with me. But, everyone processes big life things in their own way, & he knows how to find me & talk to me. I still gave him crap for not talking to me. That is the first rule in this house; if you have something big happening, if it's getting too scary big you talk it out. I'm not into this bottling stuff up.

Mike was supposed to have a follow up appointment in November, but couldn't get in touch with the cardiologist. He went back to his GP & asked for a referral to another cardiologist. Apparently, in Woodstock, this guy is the only one! The GP said he wanted to try calling this guy, & his calls weren't returned either! WTF. Mike suggested to the GP that since he lives in Kitchener, it would be best to see someone here. As I sat in the waiting room tonight, listening to the receptionist whine about having to work on Family Day, I was trying to stay calm, leafing through ancient magazines. Supposedly, according to this first cardiologist, it was noted in Mike's file that he had an aneurysm, but none of the other cardiologists told Mike about having an aneurysm. I don't think that is something a doctor would overlook to mention to their patient. After tonight's appointment, it turns out Mike does not have an aneurysm at all! 


Apparently, the CT scan showed there was no aneurysm, but the first cardiologist never told Mike.  Uh. What. We were/are both totally confused, angry, elated and bewildered. It's not like this was changing the way we were thinking about how we were living our lives or anything. I've been holding my breath for months, waiting for something else to happen.

Now, I feel like I've been whacked in the head with a hammer made out of Silly Putty.


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