Jan. 11th, 2011


Jan. 11th, 2011 09:44 pm
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I think I am back in the land of the living. I'm improving anyway. I was off work again yesterday, and today was the first day back. I felt woozy & dizzy & shaky. But I didn't have that sensation of crashing like I did on Sunday when I went out. Oh, that crashing feeling is a bad one.

It is currently snowing out like whoa. I hope that won't make Mike's drive home too crazy. Nor the commute tomorrow. Looks like I will have to break out the boots again. Sigh. I missed the bus tonight, as I wasn't quite at the bus stop. That really sucked. There were a few sketchy people starting to come & hang around. I know they were just waiting for their bus, but I was cold, & not in the mood for sketchy people on the street, so I decided to go to the station a block away, & wait inside.

I am so sleepy right now, and am considering heading to bed. One of the cafeteria ladies from the office building next to mine apparently lives in my apartment building now. She tried remembering my name once, and the way she did it was by repeating it after every thing she said. She really creeped me out by doing that. When I stopped at the cafe for lunch, she was going on about how she was going to come down & knock on my door, etc. Oh really? yesterday? yeah. I probably wouldn't have answered in the condition I was in. She made a comment about if we see each other around & I said well, I'll give you a wave. She didn't seem impressed at that & was like 'oh, is that all?' Uh, yeah. It is. Stop creeping me out & stuff.


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