Sep. 6th, 2010 10:33 am
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Misha Collins ran a marathon on September 5th to raise money for Random Acts.  He ran 83 kilometers, or, for those speaking non-metric, that would be almost 2 full marathons back to back. He managed to raise over $94,000 for the charities being supported by Random Acts. Jim Beaver pledged $50/km, so he was hilarious making comments on Twitter about being bankrupted, etc.

I am so in love with the Supernatural fandom for coming together and supporting Misha & all the people that made the event possible. I had no idea that the love I felt for a tv show would eventually spiral into this international tribe of big hearted people. 
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A lot of discussion percolated from this blog post on one of my flister's journals. I'm not sure if linking directly to it would be cool, so I'm not.

Misha Collins found this original blog's entry and responded to Laurenist. She has now responded back to his comment. The exchange was pretty awesome on both sides as well as calm and collected. What I find amazing is that in both comment sections of this blog & my flister's LJ, there wasn't any hurtful or spiteful comments. People are passionate about their opinions, yet were able to be considerate of alternate/opposing opinions. That is amazing for a discussion on the net. Opposing opinions tend to degenerate into nasty, hateful language.

After a couple of days in which I have been able to process my reactions and emotions, I have realized why I am fixated on more open communication & transparency (and so does Laurenist in her reply to Misha's original comment) for the Random Acts movement.

For me, the issue is about Trust.

For me to be able to let down my guard, I need to be kept informed. There can be no resistance or reluctance to release information, because that does not garner my trust. A lack of transparency does not inspire trust.

Random Acts is in the midst of building a relationship with this movement. It's an online relationship which in the beginning stages is awkward. Everything is new & shiny & possible.

I've been keeping a journal since 1982. Yes, since I was 10. Not exactly riveting stuff, except for the airplane hijackings & the constant fear the world was going to blow up before I would ever get to kiss a boy. Starting my first online journal (another site & long since deleted) felt weird. Distinctly odd. I was going to share those random private thoughts that nobody had ever seen before? I was taken aback when I had my very first comment on an entry. These little fragments soar off into the ether, and I have no idea where they end up, or who they touch. So, to have someone pop up & say, "I read what you wrote. It made me feel [...], that is a powerful moment of making contact. I know it takes courage to reach out & leave those little comments. There have been many times when I've chickened out because I didn't feel cool enough or smart enough or funny enough.  I never know what exactly I should reveal, should I post those pictures of my cat or will people think I'm a crazy cat lady?, etc.  I don't doubt the possibility or validity of creating & maintaining friendships online.  I am a little confused to realize there are some people that don't keep a paper or online journal (whether they keep words, art, photographs, stickers off of fruit).

I want something to believe in. Let's get random.


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