Mar. 6th, 2011

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from [ profile] tiptoe39 ...
Welcome, everyone, to the third official WAFFathon, making the Internet a little happier. The premise behind the WAFFathon is simple: Fandom is great, but let's face it, it can get pretty dark around here at times. Not to mention that it rains absolute CRAP on the characters we most love. So to make their not-quite-canon lives a little better, and to increase the per-capita volume of Warm and Fuzzy Feelings (WAFF for short) on these here intertubes, the WAFFathon has arrived!


Mar. 6th, 2011 11:06 pm
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I'm about to slide into bed in a few minutes. I'm utterly drained. I think all the stress & worry have caught up to me. I'm not trying to get everything done on the weekend. It's just too exhausting. I didn't get laundry done on Saturday since I had to tidy up the apartment for visitors in the afternoon. I did go a little berserk on the cleaning up part, then I forced myself out to get a new litterbox for the cat & a candle for the bedroom. I really should have just gone back to bed for an hour or so, but no, I am stubborn. I just had to be out of the apartment & alone for a few hours.

I didn't bother with groceries today either. I figure we have enough food in the fridge/freezer for the next few days. I'm down with taking my lunch to work everyday now. When I get home at night, I do not like dropping my bag & barely getting my boots off & starting in on making dinner straight away. I find that is stressing me out a fair bit. I need at least half an hour after coming home to sit down & unwind. Not chat, or rush around & get things, but just sit still & decompress. I'm having trouble allowing myself to fully relax since I feel like I'm being pulled in a few different directions at once.


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